Background idea

Specific training and education to foster entrepreneurship among women living in rural areas :
• To avoid territorial and social problems related to the mass exodus to the cities and
• To improve the access to labour market and the economic situation.

The importance of education and training

Women living in rural areas of Europe are aware of the absence of specific education for the special necessities and requirements needed in these settlements with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship among them. Thanks to WE RUN project, women in rural areas will receive specific education related to new yields of employment and emerging sectors to strength selfemployments and businesses managed by women.

The overall objective of the project

WE RUN will work to develop innovative tools which will be offered to adult women living in rural areas to share best practices and experiences to improve the education and training needed for their employability and personal fulfillment.




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Regional studies:

with information about the relation between rural women and new yields of employment (NYE) and emerging sectors in each country

Learning package:

to enhance rural womens´ skills for running their own businesses related to NYE and emerging sectors

European Virtual Community

(ICT platform)