FCSVM – Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca


Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca is a public and private non-profit consortium which develops innovative educational initiatives and offers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary research expertise and training activities. It was founded in 2001 with headquarters in Villa Montesca, where in 1905 Maria Montessori organised a seminar which gave life to the first publication of the Method for Scientific Pedagogy, universally known as the Montessori Method. Today the Centre has an international reputation for excellence in research and training in the areas of training for trainers, ICT, education in the context of European integration and regional co-operation, cooperation in the field of education and culture at local, regional and European level. FCSVM has become an important research and training Centre at national and European level on the themes of adult training, of the new competences and of the use of the web based instruments for didactics. FCSVM plays a key role in the field of education and culture, especially for its experience in the field of research, school management and evaluation of the teaching and learning processes, in the national management of interdisciplinary research and training in co-operation with Universities.

Centro Studi e Formazione Villa Montesca has a relevant role, at regional, national and European level, in the development and promotion of the lifelong and active learning as one of the core rationale of the Centre is the theme of the lifelong learning as an instrument for the improvement and strengthening of the social and work opportunities according to the EU Commission key references “It is never too late to learn” and “It is always a good time to learn”. The objective of the activities developed by the Centre is to help defining an efficient adult education system, which helps to overcome barriers to the education, to speed up the acknowledgement of the learning achievements, obtained in formal, non formal and informal ways. This in order to favour the active participation in the learning processes also of persons that, for marginalization reasons, are excluded from the learning system.

The current legislations regarding permanent education, which follow the European guidelines on adult education, are part of the ongoing development of the Centro Studi making it one of the top centres for specific activities and research on new teaching methods in relation to didactics and the definition of formal and informal knowledge.

Some of the Key areas of intervention of FCSVM:

  • ICT and E-learning for the development of new teaching methods and tools for Distance Learning. The Centro Studi’s E-learning area is part of a wider project sponsored by the local authorities of the Upper Tiber Valley; it promotes also the use of WI-FI in mountainous areas for the access to online learning.
  • Development and organisation of social services to supply both tools and integrated systems for social services and for the study and experimentation of local networks.
  • Learning within the family to develop a formal and informal learning community involving both parents and children, taking into account their emotional background.
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