GIP-FCIP academy of Caen


GIP-FCIP de l’académie de Caen  is a department of the head-office of State Education in Normandy. It is a research and development department which develops projects on several topics connected to social responsability of organizations (equal opportunities, gender equality, sustainable development), training design and delivery.

GIP FCIP has a recognized expertise in the development of EU and international projects.

The main expertise of the GIP-FCIP regards training design and organization particularly in adult training as part of the GRETA network, providing tailored learning pathways for the blue and white collars and job seekers in various fields: construction, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, office work, business, foreign languages, core skills, career and occupational guidance.

From 2000 to 2013, the GRETA has been the regional coordinator of gender equality in the workplace initiatives which objectives were to support stakeholders in the development of their policies regarding gender equality. The GRETA  also provides vocational guidance for women, training for socio-economic stakeholders about gender equality in the workplace, legal framework, financial aids, sponsorships, networking.

GRETA nework has been awarded the quality label GRETA+, AFNOR BPX50-762. It is the unique network in France to have this  award for the overall service it provides at regional level.

168, rue Caponière, B.P. 46184
14061 Caen Cedex

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Nadine Norgeot-Veron
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