SELENA – Association of Women Entrepreneurs


The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria – Selena was created by women entrepreneurs, professionals and scientists, who gathered together in the beginning of 2007 in order to create roundtables involving Bulgarian and international professionals to transfer expertise and know-how to Bulgaria, aiming at establishing mutual professional relationships through an intermediation activity between institutions and enterprises. Selena was the first and the only organization supporting and empowering women to become entrepreneurs and follow their dreams in Bulgaria.

In next years after its first establishment Selena organized 1st, 2nd and 3rd International forums gathering professionals from more than 10 EU countries to share their experience, developments and good practices. That gave an opportunity to thousands of Bulgarian women entrepreneurs or considering to become such to acquire confidence, stay in tune with the last updates on the matter and finally find support and new partners from abroad.

Through different projects and in collaboration with international partners Selena works for offering women in Bulgaria, at every stage of their own careers, support for their professional improvement and business development, empowerment of women who want to discover the fascinating world of entrepreneurship, dialog with institutions that can improve the legislation and egulations on that matter, trainings and mentoring for young women.

Our competence and power is our team – Selena was constituted by people with different knowledge and work experiences to create synergies in order to discover development opportunities for the Bulgarian economy at an international level and give support to women at every step of their carrier.

The Association can offer a professional advice in various areas, such as:

  • training
  • management and enterprise strategy
  • consultancy
  • communication and marketing activities
  • access to European financing
  • project coordination for territory promotion

Selena collaborates as an expert with agencies, ministries, regions and institutions, in order to implement different projects: training and modernization, virtual business incubators for neo- entrepreneurs, public-private partnerships, promotion and development of women’s entrepreneurship, monitoring, research, promotion of entrepreneurial values, scholarships, apprenticeships and tutoring.

Our goals are:

  • to put in contact dynamic women entrepreneurs with different competences and professional orientation
  • to create new entrepreneurial possibilities for business enhancement and professional affirmation
  • to guarantee access to information on current topics and events regarding the development of women’s entrepreneurship
  • to cultivate relationships and contacts useful for the business improvement
  • to enlarge knowledge and to support women entrepreneurs in their personal and professional development
  • to create conditions for women empowerment and business development
  • to reduce the gender disparities and “glass ceiling” and “glass walls” effect

We want to be a proposal-giving interlocutor with all the competent institutions in order to define and share their common objectives and to activate information networks and partnership initiatives, with the purpose of strengthening women’s voices, their power to make proposals and their social-economic value for the promotion and development of women’s entrepreneurship and the enhancement of the human and professional resources of women.

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