SODEBUR – Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos


SODEBUR is the Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos which works to promote social and economical development of the Province. SODEBUR is a public company with 100% funding from the Provincial Government.

SODEBUR was created aiming to provide services to the province and its municipalities. Its main government body is the General Committee. It is formed by all the elected representatives of the Province Government. On this basis, SODEBUR has the possibility of implementing the different policies approved by its General Committee on its fields of competence.

The organization is structured in four main areas: Infrastructure and Industrial Engineering, Economic and Social Promotion, Institutional Cooperation and Tourism.

Infrastructures and Industrial Engineering – this department supports to the Provincial Government and all its Town Halls in the development of its installations and industrial projects

Economical and Social Promotion – it’s in charge of the planning and strategic development of the economy and social activities in the province

Institutional Cooperation prepares proposals in order to obtain funds at regional, national and European level with the participation and collaboration of other local agents and entities

Image and Tourism – this department is in charge of the tourism promotion of the rural areas of the province of Burgos with the support of the most important stakeholders of the territory

The Board of Directors is formed by local agents of recognized prestige of the main socio-economic areas of the province: Chamber of Trade, FAE (Federation of Business Associations of Burgos), University of Burgos, European Centre of Enterprises and Innovation (CEEI) Burgos, Financial Entities. This composition provides to the Company a major dynamism and a better aptitude to mobilize to all the provincial implied agents.


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